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Kolmar School

Kolmar's staff and students wish our community a Happy Thanksgiving!!

November is a busy month for us. Parent-Teacher Conferences on the 3rd resulted in positive communication about student progress. On November 11, we welcomed our local veterans into the building to celebrate and thank them for their service. We are hosting the SSJHSC Student Senate on November 13, and Student Council is sponsoring their annual food drive in support of local food pantries.

As always, we owe our Parent Group a big "thank you" for all the hard work they do for us through the year. We invite you to join us for our next Parent Group meeting on January 6 at 9:30 am. To stay current on upcoming activities, friend your Parent Group on Facebook: Facebook.com/KolmarParentGroup.

As we head into the colder months, student absences increase. Please remember to use the 24-hour attendance line (708-385-6747) to call in an absence for your children. If your phone number or emergency contacts have changed since registration, send a note to the school office so we can update you records, helping us to better serve your needs. If your phone number is not accurate, you will not receive the automatic school closing calls in the case of extreme weather conditions.

We look forward to another great year at Kolmar. By working together with our parents, we can ensure positive academic success for our students.

We have a safety tip from the bus company that might be helpful for all parents to know. When adjusting your child's packpack, you will notice that the excess strap hangs loosely from the bottom. That part of the strap can get caught in the doors of the bus or the car as they close. Cutting that extra part off can reduce the chances that your child could get caught in ther door as the vehicle pulls away.




Please go to the Midlothian School District 143 REGISTRATION page for all of the details.

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Early Dismissal

11:45 am

November 25


Thanksgiving Holiday

November 26 & 27


Room Parents' Meeting

November 30   2:00 pm


1st/2nd Grade

Holiday Program

December 2  6:30 pm


Parent Group

Movie Night

December 3  6:30 pm


Holiday Parties

December 18   10:30 am


Early Dismissal

11:45 am

December 18