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Kolmar Mustangs

Extracurricular activities provide students with a well-rounded educational experience. In addition to the athletic events that our participation in the South Suburban Junior High Sports Conference (SSJHSC) affords our 6th, 7th, & 8th grade students, they have an opportunity to take part in the academic side of the conference with the Scholastic Bowl, Declamation, Mathletes, and Band Festival. Students are also encouraged to participate in leadership activities as members of Student Council, and 8th graders can become part of the Yearbook staff.

5th - 8th grade students can participate in our District 143 Band program. Lessons take place during the school day with weekly after-school Band practices. Performances include the annual Holiday Concert and the spring performance at the Fine Arts Fair.

4th - 5th grade students can participate in our District 143 Choir. Students rehearse on Mondays after school. In addition to other potential opportunities, the choir will perform at the Holiday Concert and the Fine Arts Fair.

A variety of after-school clubs offer students an opportunity to connect to school in a positive way.

Art Clubs

Budding artists learn new techniques and perform a service for the school by making posters and decorations for school events.

Book Clubs

Students engage in book talks and read aloud activities. Clubs may be available to students of all grade levels.

Garden Club

Students gain horticultural skills as they learn about plants and beautify our gardens.

Spanish Club

Junior high students explore the cultural side of learning a foreign language.

Math Club

Students are exposed to new and different problem solving strategies.